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A brief update on our lives in San Jose.

Well, 7 weeks in and we're all settling into life in sunny California!

We seem to have so much more 'quiet time' than we had with our busy schedules in Singapore.  David is home rather than travelling most of the time, our weekends are free to explore.... or.... just 'be', and our weeks are still well paced, although not empty of classes and social gatherings.

Holly, Toby and Lulu are all enjoying gymnastics, Holly and Toby both are having ice skating lessons, Lulu has a weekly 'Creative Dance' class and Holly has started jazz dance.... a change from her busy routing of ballet and tap.   We are making some great new friends at the homeschool social group 'parkhoppers', where we get together for recreation and support each Monday afternoon in a different park each week.  There are normally 20-30 families attend each week which is really nice.

This weekend we had our first American Halloween.  It was so much fun!  One of the houses in our neighbourhood even constructed a haunted path to travel through, just like a miniture haunted house.  We met with some friends and did trick-or-treating for an hour or more and then had some cakes and drinks before getting the kids home to bed.

We made so many decorations for our front lawn.  Ghosts hanging in our tree, a giant spider and an enourmouse rainbow coloured triceratops (inspired of course by Toby).  The kids each designed a face for the pumpkins we carved, and we turned lollypops into ghosts to give out as our candy treats.

On Saturday night David and I had our first 'childless' evening in America.  One of the neigbours' teenage daughters babysat, while we enjoyed a progressive dinner for the first 'meet your neighbours' activities planned for our neigbourhood.  Lots of good food and wine and we met some more wonderful people.

Stay tuned for more news.  You may have noticed that we have totally changed our family website and created this Blog to make it easier to keep in touch.  We plan to update each Sunday evening so you can check in at any time that suits, to find out what we've been up to.

Until next week!

Philipa, David, Holly, Toby and Lulu

2008-11-03 06:03:23 GMT
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Hi Pip,David,Holly, Toby and Lulu
Have just visited your website. Looks wonderful!
Great photos. We have just come back from Tessa's )Meah's b'day lunch) and Tess was saying how good your photos looked. She especially mentioned the Halloween ones. Bye for now, Love from Mum and Ernie. XX
2008-11-08 04:59:43 GMT
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